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10 Useful Products That Will Help You Find Your Lost Keys

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People spend countless hours every year looking for their lost items. From keys to phones, everyone has misplaced something at some point, at least momentarily. Thankfully, there are products available that can help you find some of your most important possessions with minimal effort and time. These products are trackers that attach to your belongings and ring when prompted.

The most commonly used technology for modern trackers today is Bluetooth. The device is typically connected to your smartphone through an application from which you can trigger the tracker's alarm or view details about its last location. There are other more basic types of trackers that simply use a remote to activate the tracker instead of a mobile application on your smartphone. The features and performance of the trackers vary, but the concept is the same - a ringable and trackable device that can be attached to your belongings.

1. Tile Mate

The world's top-selling Bluetooth tracker continues to deliver exceptional products in the lost-and-found realm. The newly redesigned Mate delivers an improved and impressive range of 200 feet along with a louder ring over the previous iteration. The batteries in these devices are now replaceable, eliminating the need to replace or trade-in your Bluetooth tracker when the battery has surpassed its lifespan. A welcomed enhancement from users of the earlier versions that relied on a subscription service for tracker replacements. Tile still offers this service for their other built-in battery models.

The sleek device sports a modern look with a water resistant and durable case, making it practical for a wide range of applications. The mobile app is easy to navigate and offers everything you would expect from a modern tracking device, such as the ability to ring your Tile from your app or alternatively, ring your phone from your Tile.

2. Tile Pro

A step up from the Tile Mate, the Tile Pro is the company's most powerful tracker. This flahship model provides an astonishing range of 400 feet, double that of its entry-level counterpart and more than any other tracker on this list. It also has the loudest audio output of any Tile device. These improvements do come at a cost in size and weight, as the Pro is slightly larger and heavier than the Mate. However, Tile has maintained their characteristic flat square profile with the Pro, which effortlessly blends in with many of your everyday objects.

As in the Mate, the Pro now includes a replaceable battery, marking a shift from the old models that needed to be replaced when their batteries expired. Water resistance is standard and users have access to the user friendly Tile app, connecting you to the largest lost-and-found community in the world.

3. Orbit

The Orbit tracker has essentially all the standard features of your typical premium tracking device wrapped in a very sleek aluminum waterproof case. An app to ring your tracker and phone are standard features. The Orbit can also be used as a selfie remote, allowing you to remotely control your camera to take pictures. The battery is replaceable, but falls short of some of its competitors with a 6-month expected lifespan. However, an additional battery along with a replacement tool is included, which is an added bonus not offered with some of the other devices.

With a 100 foot range, this Bluetooth tracker is significantly less powerful than the Tile devices, which can be a big drawback for some consumers. To mitigate the effects of this, a clever separation feature that displays the last known GPS location on a map when your device is no longer within range is included. Overall a great product with a very stylish design.


An upgrade over the standard CUBE, the CUBE PRO has double the power with a range of 200 feet and an incredible volume output of 101 decibels. The CUBE's rugged design has made it popular among hikers, backpackers and consumers seeking a Bluetooth tracker with durability. They are not only waterproof, but also designed to withstand sub-zero temps!

A separation feature, alerting you when the device is out of range and displaying the last known GPS location is included with this tracker. A replaceable battery, selfie remote and app with an option to ring your device and phone are standard. An extra replaceable battery is also included with your purchase.

5. KeyRinger XL

While most of the modern trackers on the market today utilize Bluetooth technology, the KeyRinger XL is based on audio prompts. There is no mobile application that you need to download to your smartphone in order for the tracker to work. Instead, the KeyRinger XL includes 2 devices that are paired and able to ring one another on their own. The trackers are activated when a specific four-beep tone sequence is detected. Simply double click the button on one of the devices and the emitted sound activates and rings the other. The devices can also be activated using the tone sequence recording on the manufacturer's website from any interent enabled device.

The KeyRinger XL has one of the loudest rings on the tracker market. In fact, it is so loud that you will probably prefer to use its adjustable volume feature to turn it down. The battery is replaceable and comes with an impressive 18 month lifespan. The maximum range of 300 feet is more than most trackers available.

6. Esky Wireless RF

Another tracker on our list that does not require installing a mobile app, the Esky Wireless RF is a very simple and user-friendly device. The package includes 1 radio frequency transmitter with 4 color coded buttons and 4 receivers in the corresponding colors. Simply attach the receivers to whatever object you would like to keep track of and activate the ringer with the transimitter by pressing the button matching the receiver color. The tracker includes 4 rings that can be used to attach the receivers to key rings and other objects.

The maximum range of the ESKY Wireless RF is up to about 131 feet in open spaces. The batteries are replaceable and the transmitter includes an LED flashlight. There are several models available from ESKY with different designs and number of receivers. This tracker is a good choice for those wanting something very basic and easy to use.

7. Nut Find3

With a very stylish and elegant design, this tracker is sure to impress those that are looking for an aesthetically pleasing device. The Nut Find3 is a Bluetooth tracker that is designed to be used with your smartphone, so you will need to download their mobile application. The device includes some useful features, such as the Smart Anti-Loss function that alerts you when the distance between your tracker and smartphone have exceeded the maximum range. This can help you avoid leaving something behind. There is also an option called Group Sharing that allows multiple people to track a single device. Regions in your home or office that you would prefer to keep quiet can be set up as silent areas. This will prevent your tracker from alerting you in those designated places.

The Nut Find3 has a maximum range of 150 feet in open areas. That distance will be less indoors, as walls and other objects will affect the range. The battery is replaceable and is expected to last between 8 months and 1 year. This is a great product for consumers that are more concerned with the appearance of the device and how it will blend with their accessories.

8. Chipolo Plus

For the minimalist consumers, the people at Chipolo have created a very unassuming tracker with the modern features that are widely available on the market today. You can ring your phone from your tracker or vice versa and track the last location of your device along with the time it was last connected. The ringer is very loud at 100 decibels, making this one of the loudest trackers available.

The Chipolo Plus has a range of 200 feet, which is among the best in its class. It runs on a non-replaceable 1-year battery, but the company does offer a renewal program that allows you to recycle the old device for a new model when the battery has reached its maximum lifespan. If you would rather keep your device than trade it in, Chipolo does offer an earlier model with a replaceable battery called the 'Classic'.

9. Njoiii

The Njoiii has all the modern features that are available on most trackers today. A separation alarm when the device has exceeded its range, last location tracking that provides you with the tracker's last known location, camera remote to assist you in taking selfies and a modern mobile application that connects you with a community of Njoiii users. However, one feature that sets this tracker apart from most of its competitors is its very loud alert. At up to 98 decibels, this device makes it difficult to miss.

An extra battery is included with this tracker and is easily replaceable. Maximum range is about 164 feet outdoors. The Njoiii is a great tracker for those looking for a loud device with all the modern features.

10. TrackR Pixel

At only 1 inch in diameter, you will hardly notice the TrackR Pixel attached to your keyring. The compact size of this tracker makes it easy to attach to a wide variety of your belongings without adding too much bulk or weight. Its also a sleek and simple circular design that blends well with many everyday objects like a travel bag or keychain. Besides the typical bluetooth tracker features like the option to ring your phone and display information on the last known location of your device, the TrackR Pixel includes bright LED lights that light up when the ringer is on, making it easier to locate.

The maxium range on the TrackR Pixel is 100 feet and the ringer is rated at 90 decibels. Certainly not the most competitive in this group, but definitely reasonable enough for the typical consumer. The battery in this device is replaceable and, interestingly enough, can be ordered directly from the mobile app for free!

Things to consider when buying a tracker

Choosing a tracker from the long list of products that are available can seem daunting. However, the features and specifications of these trackers vary significantly and your requirements for one of these devices will likely narrow down the list of options. That is why it is important to understand what you will be primarily using the device for and what features the tracker must have.


Will the tracker be attached directly to a keyring or will it be in a bag where your keys are stored? Knowing what the tracker will be attached to will help you determine the size and profile of the device so that it fits within your items and doesn't add too much bulk.


Are your belongings usually within a small confined space or are they spread out across a wide area? Determining the size of the area where your items are usually found will help you decide on a range requirement.


You should be able to easily hear the device ring, so understanding the typical noise levels in the areas you usually visit is an important consideration.


While most of the newer trackers offer replaceable batteries, there are still some devices that require you to trade-in your device when the battery has reached the end of its life cycle. Consider how long you typically keep your gadgets and whether you would want to replace your tracker about every year. The battery life should be an important factor as well.


The magority of trackers on the market today use a Bluetooth connection with a mobile application. However, there are some devices that use a conventional radio frequency connection with a remote control. The Bluetooth trackers usually have many more features than the simpler RF models, so consider how you would prefer to use the device and what features are important to you.