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Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing A Door Lock

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The market is full of a wide variety of different types of residential door locks. Choosing the right type of lock, because of the excessive number of options, can be quite overwhelming. Several factors are essential to consider when choosing the right lock for your residential property. From the size and fitment to the level of security, overlooking any of these elements could result in choosing the wrong hardware, which might jeopardize the security of your home. The following points are important factors to understand and carefully consider when replacing or upgrading the door locks on your property.

Lock type

Residential door locks can be divided into 2 main categories – conventional and smart locks. Conventional door locks are commonly used standard locks that do not offer any advanced features. They range from basic to very high security and are commonly found in deadbolt or knob lock form. Smart door locks are advanced locks that provide unique features, such as the ability to remotely lock or unlock your door and voice activated controls. These locks will need to be connected to your internet in order to take full advantage of all the features.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a door lock for your home is compatibility. Certain doors are compatible with only specific types of locks. The locks that are suitable for your home’s main entry point door will not be appropriate for your bathroom or bedroom door. It is imperative that you select a lock that is applicable to the door and type of entry in question.


Having a clear understanding of your requirements cannot be overstated. The entry point, surrounding design and amount of expected use will all be a factor in deciding what the lock must provide. If you are looking for a lock for your bedroom, you might want to choose the option that offers ease of use with a less complex locking mechanism. Alternatively, a lock for your front door will probably require a durable, sturdy and strong locking mechanism. The lock requirements will ultimately be determined by you, but it is important to consider where the lock will be installed and how it will be used when deciding on what you will need.


One of the most critical factors to consider when shopping for a door lock is the security grade. According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the level of security for locks can be assessed by using their 3 tier grading system.

The grades are as follows:

Grade 1 – The highest security level for a lock. This grade of hardware is typically used in commercial applications. Locks at this level are very durable and strong. They should be able to withstand high traffic entry points and repeated door strikes.

Grade 2 – While locks at this level don’t provide the durability and strength of commercial grade 1 hardware, they are still a significant step above the standard entry level residential door lock. They are usually more than what is needed for residential properties.

Grade 3 – Locks at this grade will provide the least security and strength, but are still sufficient in many applications. They are a great option for secondary entry points and provide a decent level of security and durability for interior doors in residential homes.


Cost is also an essential factor to consider, especially if you have a limited budget. Locks that offer a higher level of security and quality will typically cost more. Smart locks and key FOB systems can also be quite expensive, so the cost and advantages over a standard lock should be carefully considered.

Bottom line

Choosing the right locks for your home is one of the most important aspects of securing your property, so taking the time to carefully weigh your options is imperative. Understanding the points above will ensure that you are taking into account all the factors of a door lock and will ultimately ensure you are purchasing the right product.