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Lever lock on glass door

The locks on your commercial property are crucial in ensuring your success as a business owner. Securing your business takes commercial grade locks. The locks that are used on your business are very different in both security level and design compared to what you will need on a typical residential property. The hardware needed will depend on many factors, such as door type, material, building code and zoning. These factors must be considered when installing or replacing your locks so that not only does the hardware function properly, but it also matches the design of the property and surrounding environment. We provide every major commercial grade lock and equipment available on the market today. We have thoroughly researched and tested many brands and models so that we can provide only top tier hardware for our customers. Whether you are installing new locks on your commercial property or replacing damaged hardware, our professional locksmiths cover it all. Our business lock change services include:

  • Commercial door knob lock change and installation
  • Commercial deadbolt change and installation
  • Commercial glass door lock change and installation
  • Revolving door lock change and installation
  • High security lock change



Key in door lock cylinder

If you simply need to change the key to the lock on your office door or commercial property, but not necessarily the entire lock, a business lock rekey will achieve your goal. This saves time and money. A commercial lock rekey involves changing the pins in the lock cylinder, while keeping all the hardware around it the same. The particular positioning of the pins in a lock correlates to the grooves of a particular key. When you rekey the lock, the new pins will match the shape of a new key and the old key for the lock will no longer work. This type of service is commonly performed when an old employee or contractor has left your company and their key was not recovered or if a set of keys were misplaced and you want to make sure that they no longer work. You might also want to rekey multiple locks so that all the cylinders match one key, rather than having a key for each lock. Our commercial lock rekey services include:

  • Deadbolt lock rekey
  • Door knob lock rekey
  • Single cylinder rekey
  • Double cylinder rekey



Key in closed door lock

A building with many doors and locks can benefit from a master key system. This system will create a security setup that will economize the amount of active keys for the property. Having a wide variety of locks and door hardware does not mean an unmanageable amount of keys are necessary. We can simplify your commercial lock system and make it easier to use and manage. Some of the benefits of a master key system include:

  • Cost effective - save on new keys and copies
  • Convenience - use a single key for multiple entry points
  • Customizable - use different lock types and hardware
  • Enhanced security - combine with an electrical locking system



Panic bar on red door

A panic bar or push bar is a horizontally fixed metal bar that unlatches a lock on a door when depressed. This mechanism replaces a door knob or lever and is intended to expedite and facilitate the process of exiting a building or area within a building. They are used for both emergency and non-emergency doors. Our locksmiths are trained to install, replace and repair these mechanisms on your commercial building. We service the following types of commercial hardware:

  • Panic bar / push bar
  • Crash bar
  • Rim panic device
  • Vertical rod panic device
  • Morise panic device



Unlocked electronic digital safe

Your most valuable items are usually stored in a safe. That is why being locked out of your safe is very worrisome. However, there is no need to worry, as our professional locksmiths are able to open your safe so that you can access your important posessions. We are able to work on all types of safes, from the lowest to the highest levels of security. We also open file cabinets and change or install new file cabinet locks. Some of the type of safes and file cabinets that we unlock are:

  • Basic fire resistant safe
  • Gun safe
  • Floor safe
  • Jewelery safe
  • Wall safe
  • Vertical and lateral file cabinets
  • Storage cabinet
  • Card file cabinet
  • Fireproof file cabinet



Blue double office doors

A business lockout can be very disruptive for your company and can cost you a considerable amount of money. Whether its at the beginning of the day when your business is opening or at closing when you are trying to secure your assets, being locked out of your commercial property always comes at a cost. Amy effort to unlock the door in without the assistance of a professional locksmith can potentially lead to damaging your locks or door and make the situation quite expensive. A professional locksmith has the ability to unlock your business door in a very safe and effective way, which will save you money on unnessary repairs. There are several different approaches available for unlocking a door. The method used depends on the lock and door type. Picking a lock is the most common approach for conventional pin tumbler locks. Our emergency business lockout services cover:

  • Deadbolts
  • Door knob
  • Sliding doors
  • Double sided cylinders
  • High security locks
  • Smartkey locks
  • Closet doors