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Key in door lock

The locks on your home are some of the most important security features of your residence. It is what keeps your home safe and secure. That is why regularly inspecting your locks is not only a good way to ensure that they work and secure your door as intended, but it is also what will help prevent your locks from becoming inoperable at the most inconvenient time. Having a lock fail when you just arrived home late at night is incredibly frustrating and disruptive. Our home lock replacement services cover every lock on the market and we thoroughly inspect your locks to make sure that the hardware is in good working order. From deadbolts to high security locks, we cover it all. Some of our services include:

  • Deadbolt lock change
  • Knob lock change
  • Entry lock change
  • Keypad lock change
  • Digital lock change
  • Keyless lock change
  • Double cylinder change
  • latch lock change
  • High security lock change



Lock cylinder

When your locks are in good working order, but you need to have the keys for the locks changed so that an old set no longer works, a lock rekey service will suffice. Rekeying a lock will save you money by simply changing the pins in the lock cylinder instead of completely changing the entire lock. Most deadbolts and locking doorknobs have what is called a pin tumbler lock. The specific arrangement of the pins in this lock correspond to the grooves and cuts, or shape, of a specific key. When the lock is rekeyed, these pins are changed so that it conforms to the shape of a new key. The rekeyed lock will have a new set of keys and the old set of keys will no longer work. This is useful when homeowners or renters have changed and old keys were not returned or perhaps a set of keys were lost and you would like to make sure that they no longer work. Another reason you might need a rekey service is if you would like to have one key for multiple locks. Instead of having a separate key for each lock, you can have all your locks rekeyed the same so that one key will work for all the locks. Our rekey services include:

  • Deadbolt lock rekey
  • Doorknob lock rekey
  • Single cylinder rekey
  • Double cylinder rekey



Lever handle and lock on white door

The daily use of locking and unlocking your door puts a significant amount of wear and tear on your home locks over time. This could eventually lead to minor lock issues or ultimately a malfunction that renders the lock completely inoperable, which could leave you locked out of your home at the most inconvenient time. That is why we strongly advise our customers to reach out to a professional locksmith at the first sign of a deteriorating lock or if its simply old and worn. Some of the warning signs of a faulty lock include: sticking lock, difficulty turning the lock, strange lock noises, loose lock or a hard to turn lock lever. If it is caught early on, a defective lock can be repaired and salvaged, saving you money. Our lock repair services include:

  • Deadbolt lock repair
  • Knob lock reair
  • Lock cylinder repair
  • Lock lever repair
  • Lock adjustment
  • Lock strike plate repair
  • Door hinge repair or adjustment
  • Frozen lock repair
  • Spinning lock repair



Key in lock cylinder

Just like a lock, a key is a wear and tear item. The constant use of inserting a key into a lock and turning causes the key to wear down and become weaker over time. This may leave them suseptible to breaking if enough force is exerted when turning a key inside a lock. In addition, a faulty lock that is very difficult to turn could result in applying excess torque to the key when rotating, ultimately resulting in a broken key. Breaking a key inside a lock can cause serious damage if its not addressed immediately and properly. We cover all types of key extraction services including:

  • Deadbolt key extraction
  • Knob lock key extraction
  • High security key extraction
  • Double sided cylinder key extraction



Lever handle and lock on wooden door

A house lockout can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting. It usually occurs at the most inconvenient time, which makes the situation even more difficult. Attempting to unlock the door in an unconventional way without the assistance of a professional locksmith can make matters worse, as the locks could be damaged beyond repair and make the process of unlocking the door costly. A professional locksmith is able to unlock the door in the most efficient and cost effective manner. There are many different methods that can be used to unlock a door, depending on the lock type. Lock picking is the most common method used for typical pin tumbler locks. Our emergency home lockout services include:

  • Deadbolt lockout
  • Door knob lockout
  • Sliding door lockout
  • Double sided cylinder lockout
  • High security lockout
  • Smartkey lockout
  • Bedroom door lockout
  • Bathroom door lockout
  • Closet door lockout
  • Garage door lockout